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Lumirithmic Ltd
63 St Mary Axe, London, EC3A 8AA, UK


Through the use of high-end but readily available commodity displays, tablets, and cameras combined with Lumirithmic’s patented techniques for 3D appearance capture, these portable desktop products can scan faces and all skin types at the highest quality, right down to skin pores and fine wrinkles.

Facial Appearance Capture

Dynamic Performance Capture

Our products

Lumirthmic’s suite of facial capture technologies utilize computational imagery powered by AI to produce high quality 3D facial scans using commodity devices, enabling 3D scanning for any industry.

At the heart of Lumirithmic’s technology is the powerful combination of computational illumination/photography + novel graphics/vision/AI algorithms, which also derives our name and identity. Our cost-effective and accessible solutions enable any company around the world to deploy high-quality 3D appearance capture at scale for the mass market.