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Lumirithmic Ltd
63 St Mary Axe, London, EC3A 8AA, UK

About Lumirithmic


Changing the face of 3D scanning

The Company

Lumirithmic is an Imperial College London spin-out focusing on 3D appearance capture technology. Lumirithmic specializes in highest quality facial scans with realistic skin appearance, through portable desktop devices and smartphones.

Our proprietary technology combines novel computational imaging with AI to provide cost-effective and accessible solutions, enabling any company around the world to deploy high-quality 3D appearance capture at scale for the mass market.

100 Years of combined experience
13 Patents filed
8 Industry solutions

What we do

Lumirithmic provides a scalable, cost-effective and accessible solution for facilitating realistic facial capture that can be used for various applications including metaverse, retail experiences, video games, virtual reality, and film visual effects, in a matter of minutes.